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First Kingsford cria!
August 6th, 2011 by Julie

My first cria from one of black imports, Kingsford, has arrived and he is lovely!  One of 3 ET cria from Kingsford and Baarrooka Topnotch, these are the only pregnancies we had before he went off to Western Australia for a year.

If this is an indication of what he produces, I can’t wait till we get him back!!

Grass, grass, grass!
August 6th, 2011 by Julie

What a year for feed! Summer rainfall meant loads of grass all through summer and Autumn. The crias are growing like topsy and the females have never looked so good.  The girls were put into the vineyard for winter and are now grazing the oats crop which self-seeded after we were unable to harvest it last summer. The cockies ate as much seed as they could, but it has still come up lush and thick.  The alpacas will be taken out at the end of August, the paddock will be topped with my new toy – a super-duper mulcher – and then the paddock locked up until harvest.

We have mulched all the alpaca paddocks, which is cleaning up the long dead grass, but also adding organic matter to the soil and allowing the grasses to out-compete the cape weed. The improvement already is astounding. We will follow this up with another mulch and then topdress with our alpaca ‘tea’ which has been brewing through the winter. Have sorted out the first Spring birthing group of which 8 are ET progeny, so looking forward to those.  These will be the last ET cria for a while as I am wanting to assess the new US boys with my different maternal lines naturally before I embark on more ET.  And, as I have a good number of top quality females, it is not as important to undertake ET flushes.

Autumn Crias
June 12th, 2011 by Julie

Well, we have finished up our autumn birthing season and, frankly, thank goodness!  There are about 70 of them. Luckily I instigated a system of ear tagging (with a very small, light tag) each cria as it hit the ground as they look VERY alike. In particular, I have a large bunch of dark fawn cria – mostly from Durango, but some from the black makes, that I would be hard pressed to tell apart if I didn’t have them tagged.

I am SO pleased with the entire drop.  I really would like to thank Patrick Dishaw from East River Alpacas in the US for the opportunity to purchase such a phenomenal stud male as Durango.  His cria are such a step up for coloured suris.  I just can’t wait for them to grow up, though who will cover all his daughters has me thinking hard.  I think Wild Card will my first choice, although this may be an opportunity to give some of the patient boys on stud row a chance to show me what they’ve got.  It’s all very exciting, I can tell you.

Here are some photos of the older cria – more photos coming soon.

VCR Shearing & Classing Workshop
September 19th, 2010 by Julie

Shearing WorkshopA shearing & classing workshop was held at Baarrooka on 18 & 19 September. In all, 35 people attended on the two days, allowing great hands on opportunities. The workshop covered planning ans set-up for shearing day, all about combs and cutters, shearing and rousabouting (or pre-classing), classing of fleeces for processing and measuring, recording and using the fleece data (fineness, consistency, length, weight, etc) to enhance breeding decisions.

Both Suri and huacaya fleece was covered and participants included new entranants to the industry and experienced breeders.  The workshop presenters, included Peter White, combs/cutter developer, Graham Moore, shearer and  Julie Wilkinson, Robyn Betts and Jen Hall, alpaca breeders, members of Strathbogie Rangers Suri Breeders and passionate suri fleece promoters.

Euroa Wool Week Parade
November 1st, 2009 by Julie

Wool Week Parade, Euroa

The Strathbogie Ranges Suri Breeders, of which Baarrooka is a founding member, again took part in the Wool Week parade, celebrating the role alpaca has in the future of an area built on it’s reputation for producing fine merino fleece.  The same characteristics that make this a great wool growing area apply to growing alpaca fleece.

The parade, down the main street of Euroa, followed by street entertainment and stalls is always a fun event and the inclusion of the alpacas thrills the many spectators.  Each year there is an increase in the number of enthusiastic young handlers begging for a chance to lead a beautiful coloured suri in the parade.  And, dressed in the group’s colours of red and purple, it is a fantastic spectacle and a good promotion for how easy alpacas are to handle.

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