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Suri Fibre Project

Baarrooka is involved in a Suri Fibre Project, which is looking at the relationship between suri lock style and other characteristics such as fineness and lustre.

Suri Project Proposal

Stage 1 Results

Environmental Management Systems

Julie Wilkinson is involved in developing Environmental Management Systems for alpaca breeders and the alpaca industry. She has presented papers at the National Conference in Hobart in 2004 and in Adelaide in 2006.

An EMS Manual for breeders has been prepared and is currently being trialled. It will be made available to all AAA members via the website.

EMS National Conference Paper - Adelaide

Ryegrass Staggers trial

Baarrooka is participating in a Rygrass Staggers Treatment Trial being undertaken by Dr Jane Vaughan. We have provided weanlings which, along with alpacas from other herds, will participate in a trial for a feed additive to treat rygrass staggers.

Alpaca Genome Project

Baarrooka is participating in a project to attempt to identify the suri gene in alpacas. The project, being undertaken by a team at Melbourne University, is being funded by grants and by the alpaca breeders involved in the project. This is an exciting project to be involved in and has long ranging impacts for the future if we can identify homozygous and heterozygous suris, as well as identification of genetic defects and diseases.

Other Articles and Information

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Suri Brochure


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