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Alpaca Panels

Baarrooka sell aluminium panels suitable for alpacas and other small animals. They are:

Purpose-designed aluminium panels – light and strong; and

Suitable for alpacas, goats, sheep, miniature ponies and cattle, temporary yards for horses, fencing repairs, laneways or screens.

An ingenious hinge allows 360º movement.

 Ramps or dividers for floats and sheds can be made to order.

To order, please contact Julie Wilkinson.

All prices include GST.

Standard Panel


 Lightweight Aluminium (7 kg),
2070mm long x 1235mm high.

Price: $230

Gate Panel


Makes access easier, same size as standard panel.

Price: $265

4 Way Joiners


 Great for making pens.

Price: $45

Extra Pins


Required if using joiners. 

Price: $15



 To carry 4 panels on float or trailer (per set).

Price: $165

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