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Consolidating my Coloured Suri Herd
November 26th, 2010 by Julie

Well, we’ve had a big Spring cleanout here at Baarrooka. I have sold off all my huacaya recips which do not have ET cria in or on them and all of my wethers (bit sad to castrate some of them…). So it’s a trim, taut and terrific herd going into Autumn breeding season.

The Baarrooka herd contains:


  • 118 pregnant (includes ET recipients)
  • 32 bred
  • 23 maiden
  • 10 weanlings
  • 5 nursing
  • MALE:

  • 15 Stud
  • 19 unproven
  • 40 weanlings/yearlings
  • 4 nursing.
  • As far as colours go, my females herd consists of:

  • 11 black
  • 7 Grey
  • 28 Brown
  • 73 Fawn and
  • 59 White.
  • I have mated my females as follows:

  • 46 to Black
  • 6 to Grey
  • 61 to Brown
  • 17 to Fawn and
  • 11 to White.
  • The majority of these females are due in Autumn. I can’t wait to see all those coloured cria.

    Last Show for 2010
    November 21st, 2010 by Julie

    Our last show for the year was at Alexandra on 13 November. Always a hot one, it was no exception this year – very wet, steamy and humid and there were a lot of soggy animals going into the ring. Judge Kate Manders (NZ) and apprentice Jillian Holmes were able to look past this presentation problem and assess the animals on their merits. I must say, I was surprised at the number and quality of the suris present – by far the best line-up I have seen at a regional show this year. Not a lot of coloured animals were entered, but those that were, were of very high quality.
    Baarrooka took a good size team, with a lot of new juniors. These suris had just been weaned and we were concerned that their fleeces, being very fine and dense, may not hold out through a hot dry summer, so this may have been their only chance at showing glory.
    Well, there was a bit of glory there by the end of the day! Baarrooka came away with Junior Female Reserve Champion for Baarrooka Lunar Rock, a fawn Rockefeller cria (and a lovely black female was awarded 1st in her class, a white second and another fawn third). In the Junior Male classes, Baarrooka took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the fawn class and 1st in the brown class. Baarrooka Vagabond, a SLF Desert Prince boy was awarded Champion Junior Male. Baarrooka Heza Sensation, a Cedar House Winslow/Baarrooka Elara son won Champion Intermediate Male, a black Rainbow Warrior female, Baarrooka Witchcraft, won Champion Adult Female and Baarrooka Mr Mister won Champion Senior Male. After a scramble to line up for Supreme, Baarrooka Heza Sensation (a favourite of mine with a stunning buttery and lustrous fleece) was awarded Supreme Champion Suri.

    AGE 2009 RESULTS
    November 19th, 2010 by Julie

    We have just received our AGE results for 2009 and they make interesting reading (though if you had asked me who my top animals were, I would have told you without this information). There were a couple of surprises though – a couple of males that should not have been wethered…oh, well too late now!

    Only three of our sires are included based on progeny (Winslow, Gold Rush and Andreas) and Andreas wins out with an index of 112.5. I don’t know how Gold Rush can be classified as a Wool Male in SRS and have a relatively low score in AGE ?? Odd. Of our up and coming males (based on their own results, not progeny) the top 5 are:

    • Baarrooka Dire Straits (SLF)     135.5
    • Baarrooka Skyhooks (SLF)         132.2
    • Chersam D’Angelo (SDF)            116.8
    • Baarrooka Mr Mister (SLF)        114.3
    • Baarrooka Wham! (SLF)             113.3

    Of course the new US boys are not included yet, so it will be interesting to see how they stack up.

    In the female side, the top  5 Dams (based on progeny results) are:

    • Baarrooka Cordela (SW)       123.7
    • Surilana Jupiter Star (SDF)  114.2
    • Pucara Eliza (SW)                   108.4
    • Baarrooka Mia (SDF)             106.7
    • Surilana Kimmy (SW)            105.8

    The top 5 female progeny are:

    • Baarrooka Bananarama (SW)   124.9
    • Baarrooka Cyndi Lauper (SLF) 124.2
    • Baarrooka Elara (SDF)               122.2
    • Jingana Nefertiti (SW)                119.5
    • Baarrooka KISS (SW)                  119.0

    Dire Straits, Skyhooks, Cyndi Lauper and KISS are all ET progeny of Baarrooka Cordela and Bananarama is from the same sire and Cordela’s sister Coretta!  And in the fawns, Jupiter Star is the dam of Mia and Elara.  So a couple of potent maternal lines there!  And all of the top 10 females are mated to either Durango or Ultimate Black, so it will be interesting to see what results we get in the coloured animals in the coming years.

    Also interesting to note that Cordela has 4 males in the Baarrooka Stud Row, Eliza has 2 and Queen Wilhelmina, who came in at number 6 on the best dams list (pretty good for a brown!),  has 5 boys in stud row. So the theory is matching the in-practice results. Nice to know!

    National 2010 Tamworth
    October 19th, 2010 by Julie

    We have returned from Tamworth, very tired but satisfied.  The Baarrooka team did well under fierce competition and came away again with a broad ribbon, as we have done at every National since 2004.  Our standout results were:

    • Baarrooka Lumina – 3rd in a very competitive Junior White female class;
    • Baarrooka Witchcraft – 1st Black Intermediate Female;
    • Baarrooka Dragon – 1st and Reserve Champion Senior Male on his 3rd fleece;
    • Baarrooka Topnotch – 2nd and Reserve Champion 30+ m fleece for her third fleece.
    2010 Shearing
    October 8th, 2010 by Julie

    We have started shearing for this year with 220 animals done. We will finish the rest off after the last show for the year.  Some great fleeces came off and I can’t wait to go through them all and weigh, measure and assess them. We also took off fleeces from cria to minimise the amount of overgrown fleece.  We plan to assess fleece growth in March 2011 and shear again those that have adequate length.  I would like to have all fleeces coming off around 100 mm to maximise consistency and usability.

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