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Herd Guards

Alpacas are being used more and more to protect flocks of sheep, goats and poultry. Their natural protective instincts to protect their herd can be used to protect livestock from foxes and crows. Alpacas will also defend their herd against eagles and dogs, but are not likely to be able to withstand an attack from a pack of domstic or wild dogs.

However, not all alpacas are effective herd guards.

Alpacas being sold as herd guards should be:

  • castrated wethers or barren females;

  • over 18 months of age (preferably 2-3 years);

  • be conformationally correct with good teeth and feet; and

  • be guaranteed to work.

Wethers in white and various colours are available from Baarrooka at all times. Fox guards are at least 2 years old, castrated and guaranteed (ie, replaced if they do not work). Wethers purchased from Baarrooka can be brought back for free shearing each year if required.

Herd Guards can also be leased from Baarrooka for the lambing season and will be deliverd and picked up (local area only).

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