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Fleece & Yarn For Sale


Raw fleeces are generally available in all colours and are priced according to quality.They have very little vegetable matter and have been skirted.  Lengths vary from 100 mm to 300 mm.  Fleeces with well-defined locks suitable for tailspinning or felted embellishments are put aside for these purposes.

We also have small quantities of huacaya fleece.

Doll's Hair

We have a range of washed and combed suri  suitable for dolls hair, especially reborn dolls. Suri is finer than mohair and can be used to acheive the wispy hair of newborns.



Carded batts, ready for spinning or felting are available in natural colours and hand dyed combinations. Also available are stunning art batts.


Commercially carded rovings/tops are available in a range of natural colours and hand dyed.  The range includes suri, huacaya, silk and bamboo. 


A selection of hand spun yarn is available in natural colours or hand dyed. The range includes suri, huacaya, silk and bamboo, plus multifibre art yarn.

Mini-mill processed yarn from our suris is also available in natural, dyed and handpainted colours.




Visit Alpacarama - our new online store for fibre, yarn and product.



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