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Alpacas for Sale

The animals on our Sales List are just a selection of the total animals for sale and will change regularly. We have over 600 animals on farm, so have a large range of animals in all colours and categories for sale at any given time. In addition to various quality suri males and females, we have experienced herd guard wethers and pet quality males.

All animals, except non-breeders, are guaranteed for fertility and health and a live cria guarantee is provided for pregnant females.

We welcome overseas buyers and are able to assist with the export of alpacas to any country.



On-going advice and assistance is provided to new (and existing) breeders. Clients are eligible for special mating packages. All breeding animals listed are sold with a free companion animal, if required, and up to 60 days free agistment.

Please contact us with your requirements or to schedule a visit.

Prices listed exclude GST- Australian buyers to add 10%.

Payment Terms available.


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Fleece Analysis Legend

All fleece statistics are annualised, so they can be compared easily.

Date = Date sample taken

Micron = mean fibre diameter

SD = standard deviation

CF = comfort factor (% fibres < 30 micron)

TGFW = Total Greasy Fleece Weight (weight of fleece without bellies, brisket, lower legs, etc)

SL = staple length (at midside) fibre growth in mm/day

Lustre = lustre score (washed fleece)  1 (extreme);  3 (good);  5 (poor/none). Calibrated to Mulberry silk (score 3) and Tussah Silk (score 1)


Density = we use a fleece density index (FDI) which 'calculates' the density of an animal taking into consideration the weight, micron, sd and length of the fleece. As we are still trialling the index and comparing the results to actual skin biopsies, we have not provided the numerical results, but have illustrated these results in the density indicator graph for each animal. Once we have confirmed the acuracy of the FDI, we will provide the actual calculated score, which should correspond to the follicle density in a skin biopsy.

FN = Follicle density in number per mm2 from skin biopsy

S:P = Ratio of Secondary to Primary fibres from skin biopsy

W/D3 = ratio of clean fleece weight to the cube of the fibre diameter. Determines the value of the fleece produced by each animal and is comparable from one year to the next. A higher number indicates a finer, more dense animal with a higher value fleece.

$$$$$ >0.50; $$$$= 0.40-0.49; $$$= 0.30 - 0.39; $$= 0.20 - 0.29; $< 0.20.

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