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At Baarrooka, we breed high quality coloured suris. We have stud males and breeding females in all colours from white, through fawn, brown, roan/rose grey, silver grey, bay black and blue black and even a small herd of appaloosa suris.

Our breeding program is focused on fineness and density with the aim to produce high-performance animals as seed stock for commercial fleece and stud enterprises in Australia and around the world.

Breeding decisions are based on scientific measurement and utilise breeding aids including the SRS Alpaca breeding system, the Across-herd Genetic Evaluation for alpacas, and embryo transfer technology.

To further the suri genetics in the Baarrooka herd and to improve the overall quality of coloured suri in Australia, we have undertaken a number of imports from the USA. Rather than sourcing suris from Peru, where the pedigrees are unknown, we have selected males with the best-performing ancestors, known heritage and proven records from across the US. These have included - two white Accoyo males in 2006, 4 black, 1 grey and 1 brown male and 2 black and 1 grey female in 2010 and a fawn Accoyo and a black male and a black female in 2013.

We also continue to develop our commercial white suri herd to produce ultrafine and superfine fibre for processing.



We have set up an on-line store Alpacarama for selling alpaca fibre and products.


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